Memorials and Honors

You can memorialize or honor a pet or person and support Husker Cats in its mission of helping feral campus cats for a minimum donation of $25.

Make your donation via PayPal or email us to make other arrangements, then send information about the honoree and a photo (if desired) to

In Memory of Kate Kane

Rene Mayo-Rejai donated in memory of Kate Kane, who always gave so much.

February 19, 2019

In Honor of Becky Cahoon

Karin van Dijk has made a donation to honor Becky Cahoon, who is relentless in her quest to help any animal in need and has done a tremendous job in helping Husker Cats.

November 10, 2015

In Memory of Olivia Lauerman

Olivia Lauerman, Shaded Silver Persian, born April 21, 1991 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to parents Love Me Tender and Most Precious. Died August 12, 2009 after an alarming decline in health and a courageous battle with liver disease. Preceded in death by brother Griffin Lauerman. Survived by brother Walter Lauerman and people Meg and Jim Lauerman.

Meg Lauerman, Stacy James, Kim Hachiya, and Phyllis Larsen have made donations in memory of Olivia Lauerman.

In Memory of Gene Meerkatz

Gene Meerkatz (1946-2009) was a UNL employee for over 35 years, primarily as the Manager of UNL Vending. He enjoyed reporting his sitings of the campus cats to his family, and was glad when Husker Cats was formed to care for them. He is shown here relaxing with his buddy, Sam, who lived to be over 20 years old and devotedly followed Gene around whenever he could.

Gifts to the Husker Cats in Gene's memory were given by Gene's Family: Marilyn, Liane Elise & Sergio, Bryan & Cara and Laura; Bill Behmer; Ron and Betty Carlson; Dave, Patty and Connor Chase; Larry and Jackie Cunningham; Tom and Phyllis Foland; Jan and Jim Giebelhaus; Chad, Stacey, Camden and Braden Haney; Jim and Elda Heller; Gregg Jablonski; Dr. M. Colleen Jones; Laura's Friends and Former Co-Workers at the Lincoln Journal Star; Dinah Luck; Ron and Suzy Meerkatz; The Ron Messineo Family; Bill Moderow; Cliff Ostrander; Beverly and Fred Otto; Dugan and Virginia Owen and Family; Lyle and Ann Owen; Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Podewitz; Mr. and Mrs. Gary Podewitz; Sheri and Larry Podewitz and Jasmine; Joe and Jan Pospichal; Linda Rabbe; John Recknor; Dick and Zola Rieken; The Sattlers: Greg, Linda, Barton, Lisa and Kristin; Gene and Ann Sebastian; Dale and Shirley Spaulding; Daryl and Mary Swanson; Denny and Laura Tegtmeier & Family: Brian, Elizabeth, Caleb, Claire, Luke, Scott and Karen; Jessica Tok; Ron and Nancy Underwood; Bob and Alice Wiechert; Ted and Theresa Wieser.