Husker Cats

Husker Cats is a volunteer group of faculty, staff, and students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln working to ensure a high quality life for cats living in feral colonies on campus.

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About Husker Cats

Since 2008, Husker Cats has worked to stabilize the population of feral cats on campus while helping to prevent potential damage to the beauty and safety of the grounds and gardens.

Due to Husker Cats’ aggressive and proven Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return activities, the feral cat population has stabilized, and in fact, has been reduced to a manageable number.

Husker Cats operates under a cooperative plan supported by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s administration and the campus community with the following goals:

  • Implement a program to stabilize the feral cat population through a neuter/spay and release program.
  • Develop a feeding and medical care program to ensure basic ongoing health of the feral colonies.
  • Find homes for kittens and cats suited to adoption.
  • Help prevent potential damage to the beauty and safety of our campus grounds and gardens.
  • Capitalize on the opportunity for an active service learning program to benefit students and show civic responsibility through humane treatment of the feral cat population.

Thank You For Supporting Husker Cats!